1. AsSoft License - license intended to the source code publishing.

2. Anyone can use the code that is under AsSoft License without restrictions, except as described below:

2.1 When you publish a product using the code below AsSoft License - the source code of the product must be provided to the author by the code AsSoft License and / or published no later than one year after publication.

2.1.1 The authors of products which use AsSoft licensed code can keep code private during one year after publication. Thus, allowed both commercial and non-commercial use of the product.

2.1.2 Author of the code under AsSoft License has the right to include this modification in the project when code will be published.

2.1.3 Publication of the product code which contains the code license AsSoft possible only if all the requirements of the license AsSoft supported.

2.1.4 If the author of the code under AsSoft License uses the code of another project under AsSoft License, upon receipt of the modified code, it is also required to send the changes to the project authors.

2.2 When you publish your application using the code below AsSoft License may not use the same name of the program and the same logo.

2.3 It is forbidden to use the resources that are used in the program under AsSoft License, unless otherwise specifically mentioned.

2.4. It is forbidden to introduce malicious code snippets, as well as elements that violate the laws of the countries in which distribution is planned product.

2.5 When you publish a product using the code below AsSoft License, on the product description page there should be a link to the desired project.

3. The order of the modified code.

3.1 The source code of the product, using the code below AsSoft License must be provided for each published version.

3.2 The code must be compiled and runnable.

3.3 To send modified AsSoft license code back to author you can use email.

3.4 The letter should specify the version information.

3.5 The letter should be open source, where you can get a version of the product, or a copy of the product, in the absence thereof.

3.6 The author of the original code under AsSoft License thus has no rights to the product and can use it for guidance only and personal use. In this case, the source code can be transferred to the original product.