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DroidDevelop Changes

Futures for 1.7.5 version:
1. Improve plugins supporting

Futures for 1.7.4 version:

1. Add help for plugins creation

Futures for 1.7.2 version:

1. Fix problem with new project creation on the some devices

Futures for 1.7.1 version:
1. Add 3d party plugin supports on the plugins menu command
2. Add plugins manager

Futures for 1.6.5 version:
1. Store last text position on recent files.
2. Add help.

Futures for 1.6.4 version:

1. Add syntax highlighting for "MainActivity.java" file only to demonstration DroidDevelopPro version functionality.
2. Add buttons scrolling.
3. Search by search button.
4. Ask to save when exit.
5. Improve "List of Classes" dialog.
6. Add support to create new predefined by plugins projects.
7. Add ability to easy create new project. To new project creation, press go to main menu and choose "New Project...".
8. Input project path, program name and your package name in the opened dialog.

Futures for 1.5.2 version:

1. Main Menu/Project Options/Show/Hide Buttons.
2. Main Menu/Project Options/Rotate Screen. (Note: Save changes before rotate screen. All your changes can be lost.)

Futures for 1.5.1 version:
1. Fix problem with saving files on some devices.

Futures for 1.5.0 version:

1. Added Others.../Search command.

Futures for 1.4.7 version:

1. Add several plugins on one device support.
2. Supporting JavaIDEDroidPRO.
3. Fix some bugs.

Futures for 1.4.5 version:
1. Add try/catch refactoring command.
2. To use select text that you want move to try/catch block.
3. Fix Some bugs.

Futures for 1.4.2 version:
1. Add ability to save new file.
Fix Some bugs.

Futures for 1.3.0 version:
1. Some improves in editor (remove strange behavior after touch after scrolling).
2. Reorganize buttons.
3. Some little fixes.

Futures for 1.2.0 version:
1. Adds ability to go to error/warning position after compilation.
2. Adds ability to show the list of the public methods for java classes (include android SDK java classes such as "android.app.Activity", "android.widget.EditText" etc.
3. Implements go to line functionallity.
4. Implements getting code of character functionallity.
5. Some little improves.