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DroidDevelop contains from:

1. Interface to JavaIDEDroid programm to compile Java applications for android.
2. Interface to easy install your application without switching to an other application.
3. Text editor (DroidDevelopPro version syntax highlighting is supporting).
4. A list of additional functionallity such as text search, easy navigation to compilation error , generating a list of methods for class, text searching, etc.
5. Some refactoring commands with refactoring plugins supporting.

Get starting:

1. Install JavaIDEDroid for project compilation.
2. Install OI FileManager for navigation on the file system.
3. To select project compilation script go to main menu and select "Open Project...". You can add bsh script file name in input field directly or using OI FileManager to choose it.
4. To execute choosen bsh script press "Compile" button.
5. On compilation error/warning, at result you will see a list of errors/warnings. To go to error/warning source code press corresponding item.
If you have several errors/warnings, you can show this dialog again without recompile by pressing "Others.../Open last compilation messages" command.
6. On compilation success, you will see JavaIDEDroid compilation log. You also can show this dialog again without recompile by "Others/Open last compilation log" command.
7. To install project press "Run..." button and choose your result *.apk file. Usually it placed on the "out" folder in your project root path.

Source code editing.

1. To open any source code file press "Open" button.
1.1. In menu you can choose "New" option to clear current editor content.
1.2. You can press "Open File..." to input full path of opening file or to choose it by OI FileManager.
1.3. You can press "Recent Files..." to choose file from the list of last opened files.
2. To save file changes press "Save..." button.

Additional commands.

Additional commands available in menu that shown when your click "Others..." button.
1. By "Open last compilation messages..." you can show dialog with errors and warnings for last compilation. You can use it to navigation on source code.
2. "Open last compilation log..." command shown last JavaIDEDroid script output.
3. "List of class methods..." command shown public methods and constructors for choosen class. This is can be any class from Android SDK.
4. "Search" command showing search panel at the top of screen. To close it you can press "Close" button. Write your query text into text field to start search process.
Press "Next" button to go to next hit. Press "Prev" button to go to previous hit.
5. "Go to Line" command provides ability to move current editor position to the choosen line.
6. "Char code..." command returns character code for first symbol on the text field. It's can be usefull for processing keyboard events, strings parsing etc.

Refactoring command.

Refactoring commands list can be used by "Refactoring" button click.
Now in standart complectation available only one command. It's command move selected block of text to "try/catch" construction.
But it is not bad. Every one can add to this menu youself command. On the Android Market you  can find open source example of the DroidDevelop refactoring plugin.
More information you can find on the en.assoft.ru.