The program is designed for easy (is hoped) to run applications.
        Externally, the program represents a window in the shape of the disk on which you can drag the program icon with the mouse, you want to continue to run.
        The window can automatically disappear from the screen, it can also appear when you hover your mouse in the upper left corner.
        Among other things, the program has a function auto arrange icons. That is, you can arrange icons in any order, and then turn
auto arrange, will then be arranged neatly in a circle.    

        In version 0.99.2 changed the installer, the program now supports Windows 7.  It is recommended if you have a problem with avto arrange to replace the settings in the center form 200, 200 (pick up meaning for themselves). In addition, Windows 7 does not work auto, if you find any more problems - please write, email listed on the tab about the program.
The installer created with Inno Setup 5.

In version 1.02 added the ability to set the startup icons, change icons for apps already added. Added highlighting when the mouse icon, the ability to resize the icons. In addition, significantly improved with Windows 7. Almost all of the problems associated with the relocation program for this system have been resolved. It had been a number of improvements.

In version 1.03 add english language support.