StartJava aimed primarily at those who are just starting to program in an android. I would say to those who don't even know where to start.

With this program you will not need anything to understand in order to write your first program. StartJava tells you what to do. All you need - just install the program.

The program is arranged quite simple. You choose the lesson and then StartJava starts step-by-step demostration of the creation new program. In this case, you can run what is already written at any time.

The program interface is simple, get used to it is not difficult. The lesson can be run through the main menu In main menu also exist commands for testing your application (command "Test ...") and commands for navigate through the lesson ("Next" and "Prev"). In addition, the move to the previous step available by pressing a hardware button "Back". To move to the next step you can press a hardware button "Search".

In addition, the program supports the launch of third-party lessons. Information about the new lessons will be placed on the As Soft web site.

A few words to the developers. If you have a desire to write one or more lessons for StartJava - it is not difficult. Especially for easy lessons creation was written by a special utility for the operating system Windows.

You can download it on this page. The file is called
Almost all actions in the program are executed via the context menu. For ease program interface understanding - you can download a sample

StartJava not only gives developers to share their experiences, it also allows them to capitalize on this. The program shows two banner AdMob. The first banner is tied to the account of the program, and the second tied to the lesson author account . I think everyone are interested in this, as this extra incentive for authors to make good interesting lessons. And this is ultimately users interested in this.

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